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Student Life

A School Where Educational Excellence is the Top Priority

Starting in Kindergarten, Troy Prep fosters outstanding student achievement and ensures that all students develop the skills, knowledge, and character necessary to reach and succeed in college.

At Troy Prep every teacher and administrator believes that every child can succeed so every teacher and administrator cares enough to help students work hard and work right. There is homework every night at Troy Prep, and every teacher and administrator-and ultimately every student-understands that academics come first.

More Time for Learning 

Because we believe in the importance of diligent and rigorous study, Troy Prep offers an extended school day and an extended school year. The school day begins at 7:40 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m., with an after-school block for enrichment activities which runs from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. The school year runs 185 days, plus summer as necessary.


Focus on Literacy and Math

Troy Prep's academic program emphasizes two academic disciplines above all others: English and math.

In the elementary and middle school, every student at Troy Prep will benefit from two English classes every day, one focusing on reading comprehension and literature, the other on mechanics and writing. In addition to the formal English classes, Troy Prep students participate in additional programs, such as book clubs, to build a passion for reading. Troy Prep's academic program more than doubles the time a typical student spends studying English throughout the course of the academic year. Every student at Troy Prep will also benefit from two math classes every day, one addressing math procedures and the other math problem-solving.

In the high school, that focus continues and students take six periods of math each week and seven period of English. Additionally, the high school curriculum offers AP courses for all enrolled students, beginning with AP World History their sophomore year.

The result is roughly double the math instruction most public schools provide -- enough to ensure that Troy Prep students are prepared for careers and colleges that emphasize quantiative skill.


College... and Character

Troy Prep not only prepares students to succeed in college, it prepares them to succeed when judged, in Dr. King's words, by the content of their character. Students at Troy Prep are expected to demonstrate the core virtues of diligence, integrity, responsibility, compassion,perseverance, and respect in everything they do. They adhere to a strict but supportive daily regimen that makes respectful treatment of one's teachers and peers a non-negotiable. Students also learn from an ethics curriculum that will help them use their knowledge and skills to do what is right.


Investment in Master Teachers

At Troy Prep, we think great teachers make great schools, and we invest heavily in teachers as a result. Professional development at Troy Prep means shared, faculty-wide collective inquiry (discussing lesson plans, watching videotape, examining student work) every Friday. Before the school year begins, teachers participate in a three-week training program and receive extensive instruction in standards driven instruction, classroom management techniques, and curriculum design. Rather than just hoping that every teacher succeeds, Troy Prep provides the tools and training to ensure it.


High Academic Standards, Constant Support

Troy Prep employs a teacher-tutor model to increase the quality of academic support. In the Middle School, all core academic teachers teach three, rather than the traditional four, sections of students. The fourth "class" is a daily tutoring block during which teachers work with students pulled from their own classes to reinforce and re-teach key skills. In the high school, students meet with teachers for tutoring and office hours for an hour each week, as well as after-school from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. daily.

This increases the effectiveness of tutoring and ensures that students most in need of extra help are tutored by the most qualified teachers in the school. The design of this teacher-tutor model is typical of Troy Prep's relentless focus on more effective implementation of its learning philosophy.


Safe, Supportive, Structured Environment

All students at Troy Prep follow the school's unique code of conduct at all times. We believe in a warm, caring, supportive school that is also firm, consistent, demanding, and even strict with regards to behavior. We see no contradiction between these attributes and no reason why we cannot have fun while we are at it.

As a result, Troy Prep students wear school uniforms and conduct themselves with dignity and honor. Parents are expected to support this code as well. Faculty, staff and students meet as a community on a weekly basis to discuss the progress of the group and, often, individuals.


Parents Are Empowered

At Troy Prep, we recognize that a strong and effective partnership between families and the school depends on our ability to work with parents to monitor and support students' academic performance and development. We seek to establish consistent communication and shared expectations at school and at home in the following ways:

  • Academic performance will be communicated regularly to families using progress reports.
  • Parents are asked to sign each progress report for their students to return to school.
  • Advisors will communicate with each student's family regularly to discuss the student's progress and will serve as a designated point-of-first-contact when parents have questions of their own.
  • Each student will be responsible every night for a mandatory homework folder that will contain all homework and thus allow teachers and parents to mutually monitor assignments on a daily basis.


Internet and Computer Use

The Troy Prep computer network is provided for students to conduct research, complete assignments, and communicate with others. Access to network services is given to students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner. Parent permission is required! Access is a privilege - not a right. Access entails responsibility.

Students are responsible for good behavior using the computers just as they are in a classroom or school hallway. Computer network storage (hard drives and personal folders) may be treated like school lockers.

Network administrators and teachers may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and ensure that users are using the system responsibly.

The following misuses of the computer system are not permitted:

  • Sending and/or displaying hateful or pornographic messages or pictures

  • Using abusive, threatening or inappropriate language

  • Harassing, insulting or attacking others

  • Engaging in or promoting violence

  • Engaging in racial, gender, or other slurs

  • Receiving or transmitting information pertaining to weapons, such as bombs, automatic weapons, illicit firearms or explosive devices

  • Damaging technology equipment (computer systems, computer networks, TVs, VCRs, digital cameras, or scanners)

  • Violating copyright laws (copy internet or other materials without permission)

  • Using others' passwords

  • Trespassing in other students and/or teachers' folders, work, or files

  • Intentionally wasting limited resources

  • Employing the computer network for commercial purposes

  • Transmitting personal information without written parental consent

  • Accessing areas considered borderline without written parental consent

  • Hacking (attempt to gain unauthorized access to files, folders, and/or other systems)

All student internet usage is monitored and managed with our electonic monitoring systems. Violations will result in loss of computer use as well as other disciplinary or legal action.