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We are a free public school serving grades K through 12 in Troy, NY. Across our three schools, our students are preparing to achieve their dreams.

Remote Learning Continues Through End of School Year

As of May 1: Per Governor Cuomo’s announcement, Troy Prep will remain closed for the remainder of the school year. While we miss everyone terribly, we want our families and staff to remain safe and understand this precaution is necessary. Remote learning will continue through the extended closure. As a reminder, please ensure your child is able to participate, and reach out with any issues you are having. In the meantime, you can find all information related to remote learning here on our website.

Food distribution plans will also remain in place. We will be in touch with more information as there is more to share.

Know that we are committed to ensure all scholars complete the school year with success and will be with them every step of the way. As always, please reach out to info@troyprep.org if you have any questions

An Outstanding K-12 Education

Since our founding in 2009, our free public schools have served Troy families with an award-winning instructional model that supports students’ academic and personal growth. As the only college-preparatory school in Troy, our teachers infuse joy into every day, creating an active engaged learning environment and preparing every student to succeed in college and beyond.


In elementary school, we cultivate a love for learning in every child. Our teaching is fast-paced, rigorous, and fun—with plenty of celebratory cheers built into each lesson. We build community around values like respect, hard work, and kindness, shaping the hearts as well as the minds of our students. Our goal is for students to love school from the very start.


In middle school, our students learn the academic skills they need to succeed in high school, while developing their own identities as citizens of their communities and of the world. They learn to think deeply, to debate passionately, and to engage thoughtfully with new people, places, and ideas.


Our high school students make the transition to becoming the leaders of tomorrow. They build intellectual expertise through rigorous coursework and AP classes. They develop their passion and leadership through a range of enrichment and after-school activities. They graduate ready to thrive in college and beyond.

10 Years

Troy Prep has been serving families in Troy, NY for over 10 years, since our first school was founded in 2009.

3 Schools

Troy Prep is a free public school made up of one elementary, one middle, and one high school.


We proudly serve about 700 students and families in Troy, NY who are on the path to college and beyond.


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